[inside the mine]Because of its uniqueness, one of the world's largest mercury mine attracted researches from all over Europe already during its operation.

Today, Anthony's Main Road has been preserved and rearranged for visits, and so the doors of this mysterious underground world have been opened to all, small and tall travelers alike. [Mines road]

The tour of Anthony's Main Road begins in the check-in room, where miners gathered each morning before descending into the pit. Here you will be shown a multi-vision slide projection on the origin of one of the most famous mines in the world, the exceptional geological structure of the ore deposit, as well as the development of the town and mine through the centuries.

Wearing green/black overcoats and helmets and with the hearty miner's greeting - "srecno" (good luck), we enter the mysterious underground world. Displays of mining activities throughout five centuries, the Mine Chapel of the Holy Trinity, drops of the only liquid metal in the world, bright red cinnabar ore, an encounter with the teasing pit elf, descent along the stairs into the deeper parts of the mine, the rumbling of machines and a rest on the miner's bench are unforgettable experiences in the Idrija mine. [drops of mercury]

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